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Sea Bright Kayaks
By:Peter DeRusso
Date: 8/16/2001, 4:24 pm

About 3 or 4 years ago I remember seeing ads for Sea Bright Kayaks....out of New Jersey? Are they still in business or has someone taken over these "kits"? I believe they were more of just put it together rather than a full blown kayak kit. I like the idea of making my own boat and the thought was that this was a good entry level boat until I got the time/space/money to put together a nice CLC or the like.

You can email me direct or post to this BBS. I am located at Thanks in advance. If Sea Bright is out of business, is anyone out there doing anything similar or has anyone that built the Skimmer interested in sharing the plans?

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Sea Bright Kayaks
Peter DeRusso -- 8/16/2001, 4:24 pm
Re: Sea Bright Kayaks
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/16/2001, 8:25 pm
Re: Skimmer
Jim -- 8/17/2001, 9:25 pm
Re: Skimmer
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 10:57 pm
Re: Sea Bright Kayaks
Peter DeRusso -- 8/17/2001, 5:30 pm
Guess there are two Skimmers :)
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 9:14 pm
Plans for Dave M. ?
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 8:02 am
Re: Sea Bright Kayaks
daren neufeld -- 8/16/2001, 11:31 pm
Other than canvas, the skin I'd use is whale :) *Pic*
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 12:21 am
Jim -- 8/17/2001, 11:11 am
other skin options
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/18/2001, 4:31 pm
Re: other skin options
Tom -- 8/18/2001, 6:31 pm
Hypalon/Urethane: pricing of hull coverings
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 10:34 pm
Re: Hypalon/Urethane: pricing of hull coverings
Jim -- 8/20/2001, 11:07 am