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Hatch advice
Date: 6/14/2001, 6:40 pm

Hi all!

Am really enjoying my Arctic Tern and would like to have bulkheads, but don't want to cut hatch openings on the deck. I'm thinking that I could use a watertight bag in the bow for storage and flotation and build a bulkhead behind the seatback. I'm envisioning a Okoume frame and hatch with a closed foam gasket and some sort of thumb latch arrangement to make the seal. Any suggestions out there?


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Hatch advice
David -- 6/14/2001, 6:40 pm
try this idea from a previous post.
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/17/2001, 7:26 pm
Re: Hatch advice
Mike -- 6/15/2001, 2:06 am
Re: Hatch advice & possible vent *Pic*
John Monfoe -- 6/15/2001, 5:29 am
Re: Hatch advice & possible vent
Bob Deutsch -- 6/18/2001, 9:54 pm
Re: Hatch advice & possible vent
John Monfoe -- 6/19/2001, 7:07 am