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Finish Question
Date: 6/2/2001, 3:43 pm

I just finished sanded (320 Grit) a test panel (Bulkhead) and when I did a first varnish coat I noticed small pits in the weave that must not have filled level or sanded level on the fill coats for one reason or another. These pits didn't appear noticeable until the varnish went on. Will these pits fill in smooth with varnish or should I sand the varnish off and do another fill coat?

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Finish Question
Steve -- 6/2/2001, 3:43 pm
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Alex Warren -- 6/3/2001, 8:14 pm
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Alex Warren -- 6/3/2001, 8:11 pm
Re: Finish Question
Rob Macks -- 6/3/2001, 12:29 pm