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Three cheers for Raka Marine :D
Date: 8/23/2001, 7:44 pm

I ordered 30 yards of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth from Raka on Fri. Aug. 10 and received it on Tues. 14. When I opened the box, I found some wrinkles in the glass, but thought they would work out when I applied the epoxy. Wrong. On Monday my wife called Larry while I was working with the glass, trying to get it to lay down. He was very helpful on the phone and when he was told that nothing was working, he said send it back and he would replace it. We shipped the glass back to Raka the next morning. I was thinking, there goes another week shot. Wrong. Larry must have shipped the replacement cloth when he got off the phone because UPS delivered the glass to my door on Wed. 22. Folks you can't beat service like that! :) :) This is not a paid commercial, it is a stand up and testify. :|

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Three cheers for Raka Marine :D
Ronnie -- 8/23/2001, 7:44 pm
Raka has always treated me right :D Great company! *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 8/25/2001, 1:15 am
Re: Three cheers for Raka Marine :D
BruceK -- 8/23/2001, 8:49 pm
I'll second that -Raka IS an excellent company *NM*
John Soberay -- 8/23/2001, 7:49 pm