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When varnishing a paddle...
By:Brian Nystrom
Date: 6/27/2001, 1:10 pm do you support it? I've been making them with epoxy coated tips, so I've avoided this issue to date by not varnishing the scrificial tip coating. I'd like to put a full coat of varnish on my latest one and I'm stumped. The only thing I can think of is to put brads or pins in the ends, then fill the holes afterward. Is there a better way?

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When varnishing a paddle...
Brian Nystrom -- 6/27/2001, 1:10 pm
Re: another trick
Don Beale -- 6/27/2001, 2:22 pm
Re: When varnishing a paddle...
Rob Macks -- 6/27/2001, 1:18 pm