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The REAL test
Date: 8/17/2001, 7:22 pm

Hi folks,

I have to admit, for a;ll that i took great care with the outside of my west river 180 to keep it smooth and all, Im forgiving a lot inside the hull. That is, I m ignoring the lumps, floated cloth, some air bubbles etc etc... I have to be honest, summers closing and I havent finished it yet. Am I the only one here with the lesser desirable inside as Ive mentioned?


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The REAL test
Pete -- 8/17/2001, 7:22 pm
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Pete Roszyk -- 8/20/2001, 1:00 pm
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Rob P -- 8/20/2001, 9:39 am
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John Monfoe -- 8/18/2001, 3:37 am
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John Soberay -- 8/17/2001, 9:38 pm
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!RUSS -- 8/17/2001, 8:28 pm
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Dave H -- 8/17/2001, 7:40 pm