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I'm Almost Finished...
By:Dean G.
Date: 8/5/2001, 2:13 pm

I've spent the last five months building my own designed kayak. At times, I felt like giving up. Things don't always go smoothly. Suggestions and ideas, that I got from the kayak forum, helped me through the tough parts of this building experience. I need to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions, whether they knew they helped or not.
I built a web site right along with the kayak, so I could show the beginning to the end of this building process. This is another thing that kept me moving to finish this project, because I promised everyone, who came to my website, a finished kayak and a happy ending.
I would like everyone to visit my web site and please tell me what you think
(Good or Bad). If you see something that I should have done different, I would like to know for my next kayak project.
Thanks again for everything.
Dean G.