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Progress Report
By:Rick Mitchell
Date: 6/22/2001, 9:40 pm

The Guillemot Hard chine stripper is coming along... Summer is getting in the way soon.

For the first time viewer it is a hard chine stripper with outriggers for the balance challenged paddler (me).

For the whole story

For those of you that saw the first post, page 1 has been broken up. But here is the link to where you left off

If you want to see the first layer of glass (yea!)

But U probably want to see page 6 :).


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Progress Report
Rick Mitchell -- 6/22/2001, 9:40 pm
carving in a hard chine on a stripper
!RUSS -- 6/24/2001, 10:23 pm
Re: carving in a hard chine on a stripper
Rick Mitchell -- 6/25/2001, 8:54 pm
Re: Progress Report
daren neufeld -- 6/23/2001, 12:42 am