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Re: Mr. Roberts
By:Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks
Date: 7/16/2001, 12:00 pm

I'm not sure why I approved this post, but Mr. Roberts does have the right to respond if he feels he is being criticized, so I'll let him say his piece.

: Remove the adjective "notorious" in reference to George Roberts.
: The phrasing is libel.

: Either remove the link, -Link Removed- , or send the the $1000
: use fee to me. My address and use rights are available at that link.

: I will be on vacation until about 7/21/2001. At that time unless I have cash
: in hand or the link is gone, your site host will shut your site down until
: you comply.

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Re: Mr. Roberts
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 7/16/2001, 12:00 pm
Re: Mr. Roberts
addison -- 7/16/2001, 10:38 pm
Re: Looks to me like Mr Roberts posted the link
Don Beale -- 7/16/2001, 8:55 pm
linking to websites... not a problem
edgar -- 7/17/2001, 7:40 am
It's only libel if it's false *NM*
Mike Scarborough -- 7/16/2001, 8:36 pm
Re: Mr. Roberts
Chip Sandresky -- 7/16/2001, 8:00 pm
Shawn Baker -- 7/16/2001, 3:48 pm
That is a head-scratcher
Jim Pace -- 7/16/2001, 7:39 pm
Re: That is a head-scratcher
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/17/2001, 2:49 am