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WTC Disaster
Date: 9/21/2001, 2:59 pm

I've just been catching up on recent posts specifically Russ's very moving experiences.
I think that I and 6 of my friends are among the few on the planet that were un aware of the tradgety until sept.14th.
We were dropped off in The Haki Pass area on sept 9th and saw no humans until we happened across a fishing camp on friday afternoon. The news as related by the caretakers came as bewildering and almost unbelievable!!
Later that night back at our camp around the fire it was almost surreal. We sat on a gorgeous beach with mist covered islets in view and the ocean lapping at our feet all while trying to put sense to the awfull events of Tuesday.
Within our group 2 people had friends or relatives that may have been at or near the WTC. Even that far away we are all connected!
While words are inadaquit to express my sympathy to those intimately involved in this tradgety,I know most BBB readers can identify with paddling to an un-discovered campsite,crossings in fog with compass and GPS. Surf landings when you almost stay dry!!watching eagles and eating fresh caught salmon.
Like many of you already know,building,paddling and people are more important to sanity and happiness than ever before.
Thanks for a venue to express . regards Terry