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Speaking of Canoes ???
Date: 9/19/2001, 9:19 pm

Hi Folks

I've been attempting to sway a friend at work towards building a canoe this winter. He's got two teenage boys that he's trying to do something together with and since he built a canoe many years ago from plans out of a magazine, he was wanting to try this again. I'm not familiar with all the canoe sites around, but, he seemed most interested in trying a Stitch and Glue and might attempt a stripper if the boys get the bug. Are there any S & G types out there?? Besides the Rob-Roy from Glen-L, which is what I'm building for my grand-children. ( way too small for him )

My friend is around 5'10 and a bit over 200 lbs I'd say and the boys I haven't seen. He was talking of around 20' or so, but then, he doesn't know from apple seeds about canoes and so forth. Got any ideas or Web-sites I can pass along. I think all he needs is a little encouragement and he'll be hooked as well. He's never seen a " Bright-Finished " canoe. He definitely is NOT interested in a skin on frame....... At least until I get him out in the Double/Open-Wally. :)

Anyway, I'd appreciate some help here as the only canoe site I know of is Bear-Mountain. I know there are several others and figured this was about the quickest way to find them without doing dozens of searches. I wanna get something done on MY canoe this evening. Thanks for the Help!!


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