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skin skinny?
By:daren neufeld
Date: 8/15/2001, 9:02 pm

hi all:
well, i'm stalled on my spring run so i've had some time to work on my sof (from robert morris's book). it's time to think about buying the skin and i would like some opinions on what is considered the "best".
i plan on sewing one seam down the center of the deck, as r.m. suggests. i would like to use urethane varnish, not paint, so i can have that transluscent look. the skin i use should be strong, resitant to puncture, abraison(sp), rot. fairly easy to work with. cost would be the last thing on the list of wishes.
any help greatly appreciated;

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skin skinny?
daren neufeld -- 8/15/2001, 9:02 pm
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Brian Nystrom -- 8/16/2001, 12:29 pm
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Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/15/2001, 9:48 pm