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!RUSS-like lumberyard story
By:Scott E. Davis
Date: 7/18/2001, 1:39 pm

Enjoyed the !RUSS lumberyard story and made me think of one of my own. Here in Wisconsin we hava chain called menards some pronounce it like Menard G. Krebs (Anyone else that old?) But, of course we talk funny here in Wisconsin.... A Georgia peach once accused me of sounding like a Canuk.

Anyway, I went to Menards and entered their chain link compound of a yard for the big stuff. I drove in passed the gun toting rent-a-cop security guard. On the way out they do check verrrry closely and would not consided accepting my name as a way of doing business. There was a strong wind that day and it took the legindary "pink copy" off his clip board and out about 50 ft. The cop runs after the sheet and brings it back puffing. I hope he was kidding when he says to me, "I cudda shot it if I wanted."

It's a far cry from some of the more rural yards around here wher 2/3 of the guys in them are over 70 and named Elmer.

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!RUSS-like lumberyard story
Scott E. Davis -- 7/18/2001, 1:39 pm
Yikes thats a tough yard Bring back Elmer!!! :D *NM*
!RUSS -- 7/19/2001, 11:51 pm