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Sanded through epoxy
By:Chet Lee
Date: 8/9/2001, 12:43 am

Just finished sanding the deck (Ches17LT, two coats of expoxy, no glass) and it looks like I went through the epoxy in some spots; it is white and no longer chestnut brown. Nice and smooth, though. (240) Should I roll on another full coat and sand again (more carefully)? Or touch up the light spots?

I plan on heating the epoxy a bit to thin it up. I may do the Zen thing and hand sand the last coat. Maybe 150 grit to start?


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Sanded through epoxy
Chet Lee -- 8/9/2001, 12:43 am
Re: Sanded through epoxy
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/9/2001, 3:02 am