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Glassing has begun....finally
By:Chris Menard
Date: 6/13/2001, 8:07 am

The wife took the kids to Cape Cod, so I finaly have some time to devote to glassing.

I put a seal coat on the hull over the weekend.

Last night I glassed two layers on the hull, a full size layer and chine to chine football shaped layer.

This morning I added bias strips to the ends and applied a thin fill coat with a roller.

My questions...

1) When/how do I remove the rough edge of the football shaped layer? The fabric frayed a little when I applied the epoxy. Do I let it set for some time, then plane/sand? Do I deal with it prior to it curing? Do I clean up this area before or after appling the remaining fill coats?

2) I ran a layer of waxpaper down deck/hull seam. I have a few spots along the seam where the glass did not quite lie flat, there are little triangle raised areas. How do I deal with these? Just cut/sand them down once all is cured? or is there a time?

Thanx, I really feal like I don't know what I'm doing for the first time in this process.

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Glassing has begun....finally
Chris Menard -- 6/13/2001, 8:07 am
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