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Canoe Stripper plans
Date: 7/30/2001, 1:53 pm

I've really been enjoying this board and have learned much from everyones' experiences (and Nick's book). I was going to build a kayak, but I've found myself enjoying canoeing much more recently (and I have a CLC Cape Charles already!). I'm thinking about building a canoe stripper this winter, but I can't find plans for the type of canoe I'm interested in. I'm looking for a high performance solo canoe plans in the 16 - 17 ft range. I currently paddle a Wenonah Prism and have thought of taking the lines off it and making it a little narrower and have more tumblehome, but I don't know what I'd end up with (performance wise). Does anyone have any links/info to plans for this type of canoe?

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Canoe Stripper plans
Brian -- 7/30/2001, 1:53 pm
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Arnie -- 8/5/2001, 3:52 am
Get Hazen's or Gilpatrick's books
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/31/2001, 3:55 am
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Jim -- 7/30/2001, 2:07 pm
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