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By:Ken Sutherland
Date: 9/14/2001, 3:26 am

Well my project has become a kayak rather than pieces of a kayak. Foot braces are in, hull and deck are finally joined, a step that I worried about, but it went very smoothly.
Prior to joining the deck and hull I did seal coat on outside of both using fast hardener(raka), the surfaces now have a greasy or waxy feel to them which I would guess is the infamous amine blush. What is the best way to remove the blush?
Warm, soapy water with a scrub pad? Then rinse with LOTS of clean water?
I want to varnish the whole boat after 'glass and fill coats so I want the operation to go smoothly.
I had no problems with blush on the inside of the boat but that was before I got cocky and figured I was quick enough to use fast hardeners.

I'm poised and ready to wash off the blush but I'm not doing anything before I check with you folks.



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