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At Mr Robert's Request
By:Nick Schade - Board Administrator
Date: 9/3/2001, 9:40 am

I am currently removing all links to George Roberts' web site from this bulletin board. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Mr Roberts requests that no further links to his site be included in discussions on this bulletin board.

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ADMIN! At Mr Robert's Request
Nick Schade - Board Administrator -- 9/3/2001, 9:40 am
Whoo Hoo! Good ridance! *NM*
Bill Price -- 9/4/2001, 4:34 pm
Re: Whoo Hoo! Good ridance!
Rehd -- 9/4/2001, 7:30 pm
Silver linings
Bill Price -- 9/5/2001, 12:50 am
Re: Silver linings and Denim Gowns
Rehd -- 9/5/2001, 1:19 am
Re: Did he actually file a suit?
Don Beale -- 9/3/2001, 12:17 pm
Re: Guillemot Kayaks defense fund
Dean Trexel -- 9/3/2001, 12:12 pm
Re: At Mr Robert's Request
LeeG -- 9/3/2001, 10:26 am