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Guillemot or OneOcean?
By:Rich D
Date: 9/2/2001, 3:45 pm

Got some questions before I start building this winter.

I've seen discussion about CLC stitch and glue kayaks here so I assume it's OK to mention 'One Ocean', even tho I don't think I've seen anything about them here.

The Guillemot and the Cape Ann models seem to be quite similiar - does anyone have any input as to advantages or disadvantages of either? How about the building instructions and techniques?

Got lots more questions but got some of these general things (like which one to build) to settle first.

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Guillemot or OneOcean?
Rich D -- 9/2/2001, 3:45 pm
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Rich D -- 9/4/2001, 2:32 pm
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pete c -- 9/3/2001, 3:41 am
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Roy Morford -- 9/2/2001, 5:25 pm
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don -- 9/2/2001, 11:57 pm