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Sharp bow
Date: 8/6/2001, 2:01 am

After four and a half years my Paul Ford, Skimalong II is nearly done. One problem though, I've made the bow too sharp. If you accidently walked into it where it sits in the garage it'd probably end up several inches into your chest. No kidding. And since I've added a pretty, half inch piece of Alaskan yellow cedar down the keel and through the center of the deck, there's no way to blunt the bow without ruining the looks where the two yellow pieces join to form the bow.

Has anyone had this problem...any solutions?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Sharp bow
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LeeG -- 8/6/2001, 8:33 am
What do you tie it to? *NM*
Craig Bumgarner -- 8/6/2001, 11:11 am
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LeeG -- 8/11/2001, 10:57 pm
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