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who is John Hoch ? (sectional kayak)
Date: 7/30/2001, 5:21 pm

hello John,

I got the following message to my email, but I'm not going to scroll
that much down & look for it.

MESSAGE: (#50483) Re: sectional kayaks

AUTHOR: John Hoch
DATE: Monday, 30 July 2001, at 9:20 a.m.

Reply To: (#47789) Re: sectional kayaks
Author: erez
Date: Monday, 4 June 2001, at 6:56 p.m.

I hate to beat a dead horse but I just tuned into this conversation because a
friend and I are talking about trying to build a take apart. I tried to look
up the SK back issue but they are sold out and the website doesn't go back
that far...

well.. I got a photocopy of the article: "going take-a-part" & it helped alot.

Would you have to build the whole thing first and then cut it up?


What did you
use to hold the sections together? I was thinking about some sort of bolts
through the bulkheads on the inside.. Do you use a sealant strip of some sort
between the sections?

I used 14 screws on each joint.
they don't have to be thick heavy screws.
the screws I used are 4-5mm thick (ss).

I don't used any sealant between the sections.
what I did is: I spread thickened epoxy around the edge of the edge
of each section as if I'm going to glue the whole thing to it's original,
but before connecting the joint I layed sandwich nylon between the sections,
so I got the epoxy fill the narrow crack between the sctions perfectly -
no need for any sealant.

I have a Coho that I built about 3 years ago, that I was thinking about making
into a take apart but I don't know if I could bring myself to saw it up...

YUP ! you have to know what you're doing. you built few kayaks, so I guess you do !

friend that is thinking about building one doesn't have a very big apartment
so he thought if he could build in sections it would make things easier...

YES ! it will be easier. it's a perfect solution.

Any ideas?

yes ! make a foldable sof.

good luck,