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By:John Monfoe
Date: 7/25/2001, 6:28 am

I am not a finisher and wasn't sure how to do my varnishing. I have read all of the posts for a long time plus the book I bought "Understanding Finishes". I have mixed bits and pieces together from everything I have read. I am ready for my 4th coat and will put on 6 to 8. This seems to be going ok so far. I did decide to use the POLY varnish. I use Bounty paper towels in three folds to wipe on the varnish. The towels are good quality and I haven't noticed any pieces tearing off. I cut aluminfoil, and wax paper to the shape of the quart can to put into the can to keep the varnish from thickening for storage as I seen mentioned on the board but they sank. So when I finish varnishing I pour some thinner in (guess) and shake it real good for the next varnishing, as also was mentioned on the board. I have had a few runs and found the scraper is the best way to take them off and then finger sand that area. I have sanded the first two varnishing with 150 grit and the next one with 220 as I will do the rest of the coats. I think I will sand the last coat with steel wool of #000 or #0000 and maybe polish a couple months later. With all of my defects on my boat it is surprising how good it looks with varnish.


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John Monfoe -- 7/25/2001, 6:28 am
Re: Avoiding Varnish Jello
Dave Houser -- 7/25/2001, 7:29 pm
Re: Avoiding Varnish Jello
Tony -- 7/26/2001, 1:54 pm
other sources for carbon dioxide
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/27/2001, 4:11 am
try this
Paul G. -- 7/25/2001, 10:59 pm
Re: Propane works too
Don Beale -- 7/26/2001, 2:27 pm
Think methane would work? just hold it near.. :D *NM*
Ben Staley -- 7/26/2001, 3:22 pm
Re: yeah - eat beans, insert tube! *NM*
Don Beale -- 7/27/2001, 6:11 pm
Varnishing by the light of your mooning? :) *NM*
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/27/2001, 3:49 am
Nah.. It might draw flies to your fresh varnish :) *NM*
Ted Henry -- 7/26/2001, 5:43 pm
Re: Varnishing.
Brian Nystrom -- 7/25/2001, 1:16 pm
As always--great information from all of you.
John Monfoe -- 7/26/2001, 5:44 am
Re: As always--great information from all of you.
Julie Kanarr -- 7/26/2001, 10:24 am
Re: And it doesnt take much
Don Beale -- 7/26/2001, 11:59 am
Put some water on it !!!
John Monfoe -- 7/26/2001, 1:44 pm
Julie's right
Brian Nystrom -- 7/26/2001, 11:51 am
Re: As always--great information from all of you.
Ken Sutherland -- 7/26/2001, 5:49 am
Try this link Ken.
John Monfoe -- 7/26/2001, 1:48 pm
Thanks John! *NM*
Ken Sutherland -- 7/26/2001, 11:28 pm
Re: Varnishing.
Rehd -- 7/25/2001, 9:08 am