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My GB getting started...again!! *Pic*
By:James Neely
Date: 6/11/2001, 5:25 pm

After a year's hiatus I started back to work on my GB and now I have the hull stripped. As I have stated before in posts to this forum, Newbies should build their first boat SIMPLE. I got fancy and wanted to create a design in the hull to rival Joe Greenley's work..BAAAAD idea for a first timer. This would be my second season on the water and I'd be half way thru a gorgeous second boat by now if I'd practiced some humility!! :)
It's all working out now as you can see, though not without great gnashing of teeth.
In this shot I've wetted it down ready to do the final sanding before glass.

I have more pics for those who might be interested

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My GB getting started...again!! *Pic*
James Neely -- 6/11/2001, 5:25 pm
Keep the pictures coming. *NM*
John Monfoe -- 6/12/2001, 7:00 am
Looks like it'll be well worth the wait! *NM*
Jim Pace -- 6/11/2001, 9:22 pm