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Cheaters ... Shaping The Pointed End
Date: 9/6/2001, 8:58 pm

I stripped my hull using bead and cove strips and my cheaters need to be cut at a shallow angle. Consequently, due to the shallow angle and the bead and cove strips, the pointed end of the cheater needs to be long and thin. The problem is that where the strip above and below the cheater come together, they form a 2 to 3 inch long thin void that is not visible from the outside.

How should I fill this void?

All I can think of is to either whittle a short piece to fill the void (which I think will be a real pain) or stuff it with little slivers of wood. Is there a better, faster, easier way?

AKA Kenny Too Slow

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Cheaters ... Shaping The Pointed End
ken -- 9/6/2001, 8:58 pm
Re: Cheaters ... Shaping The Pointed End
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 9/7/2001, 9:37 am
I think you've hit it
Paul G. Jacobson -- 9/7/2001, 2:33 am