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Blue Styrofoam Insulation
By:Bryan Sarauer
Date: 10/10/2001, 2:06 pm

John's message earlier mentioned using blue styrofoam insulation as flotation reminded me of something - blue insulation makes an excellent toilet seat if you ever have to use an outhouse in the winter. Instant warmth!! ;)

And that made me think of something else - does the stuff work as kayak seat material??

- It's carvable, cheap & very light.
- It can break, but carved to fit the kayak, & therefore supported by the yak bottom, maybe it wouldn't break too easily either.
- It doesn't have the same "give" that minicell foam would so would not be as soft but I expect that it would more comfy than plastic or fiberglass seats, especially becasue it would be easily custom fit.
- It would be excellent in cold weather paddling, insulating your tender bottom.
- Would it compress over time under the pressure of your butt & would it matter much if it did?
- Because of the cost of this stuff, and how easily it is cut and shaped, it could be replaced every couple of seasons or so.

Just some thoughts. If you've used this material, or have some comments, let me know.


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