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Sealline rudder pedal height
By:Marty Dion
Date: 6/20/2001, 7:45 am

I'm building a Cheasapeake 17 and am getting ready to install the Sealline rudder system. All is well explained and obvious except the mounting height of the pedals. Does anyone have any experience with this system and could give me some insight?
I guess I need to know more about how ergonomically the pedal works. At what point does the foot touch the lower stationary pad and what part operates the upper moveable pad.

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Sealline rudder pedal height
Marty Dion -- 6/20/2001, 7:45 am
Re: Sealline rudder pedal height
Scott Dollmeyer -- 6/20/2001, 7:57 pm
Re: Sealline rudder pedal height
Marty Dion -- 6/21/2001, 9:44 am