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Maybe By My Fourth Boat
By:Frank Malinowski
Date: 6/4/2001, 8:29 pm

I was at the Southwind Kayak Expo this weekend at Newport Beach, CA and saw several wonderfull wood boats and got a lot of good advice but mostly inspiration. I am nearing attaching the deck too the hull of an Osprey STD, worrying about how percisely they will go together and what else I could do now before the deck is attached.
One fellow with a perfectly finished painted Artic Tern (his fourth boat building effort)was kind enough to show me his first boat--looks a lot like mine with drips, spots and the like. Maybe by my fourth boat........

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Maybe By My Fourth Boat
Frank Malinowski -- 6/4/2001, 8:29 pm
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Dean Trexel -- 6/4/2001, 10:28 pm
Re: Maybe By My Fourth Boat
LeeG -- 6/4/2001, 9:40 pm