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Sound solution
Date: 8/16/2001, 11:36 pm

A while back I asked for some advice on getting headphones which block out the noise of ROS while allowing in the noise of of a cd player (being a child of the decade which no one remembers if they really lived it, this was important). Guys sent me info on several types and I tried yardphones from Northern Tool. Don't know why a company in the southern states would be called northern tool but it is and the headphones worked well. So thanks for the advice and some info on them. They are a bit warm but they handle blues very well, will tolerate some jazz such as Holly Cole nicely, for the acid test, they even did decently with Pink Floyd (hey, I said I was from the 60's) and the Grateful Dead. John Prine was still better in quieter moments and new country sounded terrible but I don't think you could get good enough headphones to create a miracle :). Thanks again