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Date: 10/1/2001, 5:40 pm


I am building a Chessy 17LT. I really like their color schemes for hull painting and a varnished deck. I am trying to get some input on colors. I want the dark blue, but I realize there might be some visibility issues. Can I paint it blue and get a dayglo-yellow PDF and solve the problem, or should I just paint the bottom white or yellow? Pros and Cons? Thanks in advance.

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Mike -- 10/1/2001, 5:40 pm
Re: colors?
brett (the hitman hart)onnink -- 10/2/2001, 8:50 pm
Mike -- 10/3/2001, 6:47 am
Re: yellow
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Re: colors?
Val Wann -- 10/1/2001, 6:36 pm
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