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Get Thee To A Yard Sale! *Pic*
By:Pete Roszyk
Date: 8/10/2001, 8:27 pm

On the short drive over to get my vehicle tabs renewed, I was struck by the siren call of the Multi-Family Yard Sale. I HAD NOT PLUGGED MY EARS WITH WAX as a precaution, as this was a local trip and it's Friday.

In addition to such treasures as the free stove hood fan/light unit (yes, it actually works-even the two-speed fan) and the 50-cent Coleman white gas lantern (which, upon closer inspection, has revealed a cracked lantern glass), there was this gem:

The $5 golf bag, er, kayak kaddy.

The initial evaluation conversion, seen here, took about 10 minutes. Final setup will take an hour or two, mostly to make and attach little pads where the boat will rest on the frame. The wheels come off, and when it folds, it'll fit easilly into the boat.

I was always hoping to try a home-made thing, as has been written about extensively here, but, golly, Mr. Wizard, I just couldn't pass this up.

in Snohomish, Washington

...and no, I haven't spoken to the wife yet. She thinks I'm a reformed yardsale 'junkie', as we sometimes say.

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Get Thee To A Yard Sale! *Pic*
Pete Roszyk -- 8/10/2001, 8:27 pm
good pickoff
mike allen -- 8/10/2001, 8:51 pm
Stress 'n Struts *Pic*
Pete Roszyk -- 8/11/2001, 12:41 pm
Re: Stress 'n Struts *Pic*
mike allen -- 8/12/2001, 1:02 pm
Ah, I get it... . *Pic*
Pete Roszyk -- 8/14/2001, 2:37 pm
looks good! - want long term report.
mike allen -- 8/14/2001, 4:18 pm