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TP to remove excess epoxy
Date: 7/9/2001, 12:21 pm

FWIW I tried using the TP model airplane trick to remove excess epoxy from inside deck. Worked like a charm. I'm not throwing away the squeegee yet but in those tight spots where it's hard to scoop out the excess the TP was a great idea. I forgot who mentioned it but thanks. You can just roll it out where it fits letting the paper come off as you go and then peel it up. I found it most useful where you can't get the squeegee to fit in or lay flat enough, like around the coaming recess and at the stems. Shop looked like someone needed remedial potty training afterwards, though.


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TP to remove excess epoxy
Jim -- 7/9/2001, 12:21 pm
peter -- 7/11/2001, 12:51 pm