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looking for a tandem design
By:Paul Knight
Date: 9/7/2001, 7:20 pm

Last winter after taking the Newfound workshop(highly recommend if you're ever in Bristol NH), I got up the courage to build a Rob Bryan design Sasanoa, 17' x 24" Greenland stich and glue. Excellent plans and instructions and have had a wonderful summer on the water up here in Maine.
Then I went to work on my son's birthday present, a Shearwater Eider Splash 12'6" x 28", again very impressed by the quality of the instruction manual and the fit of the templates. My son and wife use the Eider Splash a couple of times a week. Great boat!
This winter I want to build a double cockpit hybrid(plywood hull & strip deck), 20' or less, storage not an issue as overnighters are unlikely. Anyone out there had success they'd like to share? Thanks