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finishing abandoned project
By:Bob Kelim
Date: 8/11/2001, 5:14 pm

A friend has recruited me to glass a canoe his son started sone ten or so years ago. He finished the stripping and sanding, (and did a damned good job of it) then he sealed the wood with shelac prior to glassing with poly resin. Am I correct in assuming that this needs to be sanded off prior to using epoxy? It is no big deal since the son will do the sanding, and my thoughts tell me that the epoxy will get a better bond to the wood if the shelac is sanded off. Thanks for any advice.

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finishing abandoned project
Bob Kelim -- 8/11/2001, 5:14 pm
Re: finishing abandoned project
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/14/2001, 9:45 pm
Re: finishing abandoned project
Bob Kelim -- 8/14/2001, 11:12 pm
Yup get rid of the Shellac *NM*
!RUSS -- 8/11/2001, 8:16 pm