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Nother Boat Show: Sun Valley, Idaho This Wknd
Date: 8/7/2001, 12:55 am

Hey Folks

For anyone in the general vacinity of Sun Valley, Idaho this weekend, there's a big boat show. I'm sorry I can't remember the name, but it's an annual as well I'm told. If I'm not mistaken, That would be " Hollywood North ". My neighbor and fellow Boat Builder David Barrett will be up there with a few of his toys. Rehdwood ( opps! Sorry about that ) canoes and kayaks, including a couple of wide bodies that were requested in order to flyfish standing up. Great looking boats and a pretty wonderful guy. Lots of stories and more than willing to share experiences and Stories. Stop in and say Howdy, and be sure to tell him Rehd sent ya. :)

Again, sorry I don't have a time and place for the event, but if you're hailing from up there you already know that stuff I'm sure. He left this morning with a truck load of stuff. Hmmmmm!! That means his shop is sitting there empty.... tools.... molds.... wood ( Rehdwood ). Ratz, no time though! I got a boat to finish so I can make it to R2K1.

Oh, he's never been to the Port Townsend show and will be leaving Idaho on monday or Tuesday, so if you see him, tell him to stay over and check out all the wares on the beach at Fort Worden. :) I know his eyes will bug out cause he just loves seeing all the fancy boats on the KBB. Wouldn't take much to get him to stay. Just tell him Rehd is bringing cookies and will same a bag for him. :)

If anyone makes it to that show, let us know what it's about and what was there.