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Questions for the North Westerlies OT
Date: 5/29/2001, 12:46 pm

Hey all you North Westers,
I need a little local information for a trip I'm in planning. Hoping you can help me.

I am in the early stages of plannning a paddling trip to the Broken Group Archipeligo in the Vancouver Island BC. I haven't paddled in that area before. The wooden boats are big and the area under the airplane seat to small to take them on the aircraft a as carry on :D So I need to rent some tupperware. Which rental groups have you had good experiences with? I was going to try and rent wet suits as well. I'm guessing that hauling a sack of cold clammy wet suits through the airport would be equally unpleasent. :( Any thoughts as to places that rent both boats and wet suits?

Finally, having never been to the Broken Group. What do ya recommend in the archipeligo and what factors and priorities should I be factoring into my planning.

Thanks In Advance!


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Questions for the North Westerlies OT
!RUSS -- 5/29/2001, 12:46 pm
Thanks Chip and Daren
!RUSS -- 6/6/2001, 10:35 am
Re: Questions for the North Westerlies OT
daren neufeld -- 5/30/2001, 10:00 pm
Chip Sandresky -- 5/30/2001, 1:32 pm