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Mill Creek Fiberglass Question
Date: 8/10/2001, 8:29 am

I will be building a Mill Creek 16.5 from plans and had a question about the fiberglass lay up. The plans call for taping the interior seams with 9oz tape and 6oz cloth on the outside. Also, it is recommended that a layer of glass cloth be placed in the cocpit for abrasion resistance. Well since the cocpit is about 2/3 of the hull, I thought it may be better to just to glass the entire hull interior and forgo the 9oz tape (which was a pain to fair on my last boat). So my question is rather than 6 oz on hull exterior and 9oz tape inside, I would like to use 4 oz cloth inside and out. The bottom hull panels are 6mm and the sides are 4mm okoume. Does this sound reasonable? The boat will be used primarily on fresh water lakes and should not see much abuse. Thanks for any info.