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Another wood question
Date: 7/3/2001, 1:56 am

My neighbor advised me today that he was having to replace the siding on his house. Some places look dry and the paint is peeling and he said some of it had termites(but has been treated. after he told me that it was all cedar I told him to just have the workers put it over the fence into my yard after removal.Is this a good choice, will it be usable for a kayak and how can I tell what is good and what is not.Our houses are approximately 50'x 30',thats a lot of wood even if they were to only remove the price he quoted me for the replacement I think they are replacing it all. do you think I might find some good pieces in it.

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Another wood question
Tom-Atlanta -- 7/3/2001, 1:56 am
Re: Another wood question
Rehd -- 7/3/2001, 3:01 am
Re: Cedar siding
Steve L -- 7/3/2001, 7:45 am