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S&G 101 Questions
By:Craig Bumgarner
Date: 7/17/2001, 8:45 am

I've built a couple S&G kayaks before but I am now trying to build one without commercial plans (foolish me). Things have been going along pretty well until the now, the stitch it together phase. I've got the sides wired together at the ends and the bottom panel loosely stitched down the center. It's time to stitch the sides to the bottom along the chine and I could use some advise.

How do you keep things aligned? Do you start in the middle and work towards the ends? How do you keep the boat straight while you wire it together? It would seem that a little misalignment and the whole thing will go out of wack pretty quick.

Any websites with details on wiring together? I found a couple about assembly, but not much detail.



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S&G 101 Questions
Craig Bumgarner -- 7/17/2001, 8:45 am
Re: Figured it out...
Craig Bumgarner -- 7/17/2001, 12:45 pm