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Long Lengths of Mahogany in Rhode Island !
By:John B.
Date: 6/11/2001, 8:29 pm

(Nick, please delete this if you think it is crossing the line on advertising...I don't have any financial interest in the place - just trying to help fellow builders).

I was looking for maghogany for a dory I'm making, and wasn't looking forward to scarphing long pieces (and wasting $$ lumber)...found some 1x6 mahogany in lenths up to 18' for $.95/ft. The place also has 2x6 maghogany for $1.75/ft in lengths up to 18'.

Also clear pine in long lengths. Red cedar, very wide, but short lengths (about 5-6ft). Poplar, wide and long. Nothing else of interest to boat builders.

Sorry if I can't contain my enthusiasm, but I was almost ready to resign myself to the warped lumber the "big boxes" sell when I made my last stop and lucked out.

Again, I have nothing to do with the place, except buying nice wood for projects I'll need two or three lifetimes to complete. They don't routinely stock stuff, so it is hit or miss. If this helps with some accent strips for your kayak, then here it is:

Builders Surplus
94 Industrial Lane (new address)
West Warwick, RI 401 826 0100 Open Sat and Thurs. 'til 7pm in addition to the usual hrs. Might be worth a stop on your way to CT.