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wax removal
Date: 8/5/2001, 8:26 pm

Does anyone have an easy way to remove parafin wax? I used it to keep my hatches from sticking. I need to epoxy wooden hooks to the hatches. I want to make sure they hold so... Any help is appreciated.


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wax removal
Elliott -- 8/5/2001, 8:26 pm
Re: wax removal
John Michne -- 8/5/2001, 9:36 pm
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elliott -- 8/6/2001, 7:19 am
Re: paint thinner
John Michne -- 8/6/2001, 10:20 am
Re: paint thinner
elliott -- 8/6/2001, 11:32 am
Re: wax removal
daren neufeld -- 8/6/2001, 12:23 am