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Larch for stripping?
Date: 8/4/2001, 2:39 pm

I've been having alot of problems getting ahold of Western Red Cedar in my area.
I've found that Larch has a nice color and I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with Larch.
Thank you,

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Larch for stripping?
B.Gorr -- 8/4/2001, 2:39 pm
Re: Larch for stripping?
West -- 8/4/2001, 4:19 pm
Also called Tamrack (sp) as in swamp *NM*
scott e. davis -- 8/6/2001, 1:31 pm
Re: Two different Trees
West -- 8/6/2001, 3:40 pm
Re: Two different Trees
scott e. davis -- 8/8/2001, 1:34 pm
Thanks for the education, my mistake
scott e. davis -- 8/7/2001, 1:24 pm