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Paddle Rest?
By:Frank Malinowski
Date: 6/4/2001, 8:26 pm

I did a search and could not see that this topic has been addressed. Does anyone have a paddle rest on their wood boat? I like this feature on several fiberglass kayaks I have rented. It looks a lot like two cleats sideways just ahead of the coaming and the deck riging is streatched over the paddle onto the cleats to hold a paddle crosswise to the boat. Could possible be used to make the paddle an outrigger for a paddle float rescue. If I want to add one should I add some wood reinforcement under the deck? I am at the stage in my Pygmy Osprey STD where I will soon attach the deck to the hull. I plan to attach a small hook to the bow & stern pieces to be able to secure bags by pulling a line thru the hooks. Also thinking about how to mount the foot pedals internally without drilling thru the hull. I have to see how these will fit.

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