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Further Adventures of James GB
By:James Neely
Date: 6/15/2001, 4:41 pm

Well, the epoxy was hard and I was anxious to move on to the deck, since it's important not to leave the insides unglassed for too long. I learned something, (usually means an Oh Darn, but this wasn't too bad! ). I carefully unscrewed the uprights from one of the forms....CLUNK! The form dropped out....hmmmm. Of course! I had used staples and since they were all gone, there was nothing to hold the forms in the hull. Sure enough, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, they all fell out as I unscrewed them. There wasn't much else I could do but carry on and hope for the best. The hull sure is light with nothing but the stem forms in place. (They're certainly stuck in there!!) :D

I got it flipped over and into the cradles. Now I'm gonna have to glue them in place before I can strip the deck. The lesson? If you're gonna use an external strongback, you either need to strip the deck before you glass the hull, (I don't think much of this idea, though I suppose it would solve the problem), or make sure you use hot glue to hold the forms in as you strip the hull. I suppose you could just be ready to reinstall the forms, but that's a little chancy. :)

Now comes the big question. Now that it'sopen and ready, would I be asking for big problems if I went ahead and glassed the inside of the hull now and then reinstalled the forms? Could be one of those serendipitous accidents that solves the problem of needing to rush through the deck stripping in order to get the insides glassed.
HMMMM ...Waddya think, Guys? Crazy idea?

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Further Adventures of James GB
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