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Strange things happening to my Auk
Date: 10/11/2001, 8:02 am

I am building a Great Auk using cypress, 1/4 by 3/4 strips and Raka epoxy. I have fiberglassed the hull and deck, inside and out. The deck and hull are not together yet. The hull needed two more fill coats on the outside. While applying the fill coat of epoxy, I found three places on the bottom of the hull that were indented. They were not there before, the hull was fair. The indents run fore and aft at station 4-7, 9-11, and a small one at 12-13. There are corresponding bulges on the inside. The hull in has double layers of fiberglass where the indents are. The procedure that I used to prep the hull was; lightly sanded, scrubbed with a brush, using mild soapy water, rinsed with the garden hose, then lightly warmed the hull with a heat gun, using my hand to make sure I didn't overheat the wood. Any ideas on what caused this? Should I add layers of reinforcing fiberglass to these areas to strengthen and fair the hull? I need a quick fix, because I am going to take a trip down the Savannah River on the 19 of this month and I am cutting it close already. I can do the permanent fix when I get back.

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Strange things happening to my Auk
Ronnie -- 10/11/2001, 8:02 am
More info on yak problem
Ronnie -- 10/11/2001, 9:09 am
Re: More info on yak problem
Doug K -- 10/11/2001, 2:19 pm
The heat gun, maybe?
Richard Boyle -- 10/11/2001, 10:01 am
Re: The heat gun, maybe?
Geo. Cushing -- 10/11/2001, 2:03 pm
Re: More info on yak problem
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 10/11/2001, 9:40 am
Re: More info on yak problem
Rob Macks -- 10/11/2001, 12:23 pm