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Greenland paddle review??
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 8/8/2001, 11:31 am

Does anyone remember a Greenland-style paddle review that was in some paddling magazine within the last 2 years? I have that magazine somewhere, but I can't figure out what magazine and what issue. Can anyone help me?


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Greenland paddle review??
Ross Leidy -- 8/8/2001, 11:31 am
Re: Greenland paddle review??
Greg Stamer -- 8/8/2001, 11:42 am
Found it. Thanks again. *NM*
Ross Leidy -- 8/8/2001, 9:52 pm
Thanks so much
Ross Leidy -- 8/8/2001, 12:32 pm
Re: Thanks so much
Chris Casazza -- 8/8/2001, 4:40 pm
Re: Thanks so much
Brian Nystrom -- 8/9/2001, 12:26 pm
Re: Thanks so much
Ross Leidy -- 8/8/2001, 4:45 pm