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Bugs in epoxy - Slightly OT *Pic*
By:Tony B
Date: 8/7/2001, 8:41 am

I was checking the other day to see if the epoxy had hardened on the sheer clamps of my Mill Creek 13. Everywhere I poked, I could see that it was hard. Since I'm still pretty new to this kayak building thing, I though I would check the drips on the cool basement floor to see if they had hardened too.

I bent over to poke one of the smaller drips, and saw that a small roach was right next to the drip. On closer inspection I saw that it was actually stuck to the drip, and was still alive. I have no idea how it got stuck there. And no, I had nothing to do with it. I couldn't have glued a live roach to my basement floor if I had spent all night trying.

Of course I had to take a picture. It was so small, I put a penny next to it for scale. The drip was rock hard.

Then I squashed it.

Is this a first, or have others caught roaches trying to drink curing epoxy at night? Maybe I'm on to something.

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Bugs in epoxy - Slightly OT *Pic*
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