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polymer plastic staples, nails and tools
By:steven d philbrick
Date: 9/2/2001, 8:57 pm

does anyone on this forum have any experience using Raptor
plastic polymer stapes and Raptor tools (staple guns)? I need to
find more info on this product and the tools used to drive the
staples... i did a web search and found Raptor staple drivers in a
pdf format. Raptor had 'hammer tacking' staplers, hand operated
staplers and pneumatic. the site is:

Supposedly - these staples are actually stronger than stainless
staples of the same size and do not have any corrosion or
electrolysis problems associated with them. they also are supposed
to cost less than stainless staples and do not have to be removed
before glassing over them.

any information is greatly appreciated. i am also clueless as to
whether a Raptor brand stapler is the only staple gun these staples
will work with. could the staples possibly be used with a sears
electric staple gun or a swingline, arrow or other? on the site the
tools are called 'duo-fast / raptor' does anyone know what brand of
staplers use the same staple as duo-fast?

i have been expeimenting with building boat models of balsa and i
am planning on building a stressed stich and glue kayak and flats
boat next. with my models i have been having a hard time getting
the stressed skin areas to come fully together and can see this as a
real problem when dealing with 3/16" ply full size. these staples
could be the ticket.

i have heard that some of the boat mfgrs ar using them in prototype

they also show polymer nails and pneumatic guns for the polymer
nails! again is anyone experienced with these products?


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polymer plastic staples, nails and tools
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