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Mixing epoxy brands AND varnish ??
By:Mark Sentell
Date: 6/8/2001, 8:03 am

I am just a stone's throw away from finishing my Panache ( and I ran out of my System Three epoxy about 2 feet away from finishing the wet out of the inside of the hull. Urgh!
I CAN order more System Three and wait a few more days to get finished, OR I can go buy some West System stuff locally and keep trucking. Any problems mixing the two brands? I still need to put a final coat of epoxy on the whole yak, so West System would have to bond well to the last coat of System Three.

Also, I am using some Epifanes varnish. Any experience with poor bonding of this varnish to System Three OR West System?


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Mixing epoxy brands AND varnish ??
Mark Sentell -- 6/8/2001, 8:03 am
Re: Mixing epoxy brands AND varnish ??
Lisa S -- 6/9/2001, 3:55 pm