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Great Tool for Strppers! *Pic*
By:Ron Hagedorn
Date: 10/9/2001, 12:11 am

Hi All

A while back I purchased a cutZall tool especially for cutting strips for my current kayak project. I had been using anvil type pruning cutter, but the cutZall gave me almost 4" of cut as opposed to about 2" for the pruning cutter. I don't know if this particular tool has been discussed previously, but after using it extensively for both cutting strips to length, as well as making diagonal cuts to fit the strips into the hull or deck, I can endorse it as a MUST-HAVE-TOOL for me.

It costs about $10
It makes extremely clean cuts, with virtually no crushing
It can be used one handed as opposed to a saw
Longer diagonal cuts can be made along a strip by cutting in from each side
I've cut pine,cedar,walnut,and oak strips (1/4 x 3/4) with equal ease

I don't know of a reliable source, I got this one at a local True-Value Hardware and haven't seen one since.


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Great Tool for Strppers! *Pic*
Ron Hagedorn -- 10/9/2001, 12:11 am
Re: Great Tool for Strppers!
Cal Hutton -- 10/15/2001, 10:30 pm
Re: Great Tool for Strppers!
Geo. Cushing -- 10/11/2001, 4:30 pm
Re: Great Tool for Strppers!
Jim Kozel -- 10/10/2001, 11:41 am
Skin boats, too!
Nathan -- 10/9/2001, 11:31 am
Does this use a rachet cutting device? *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 10/9/2001, 1:42 am
Re: Does this use a rachet cutting device?
Ron Hagedorn -- 10/9/2001, 7:08 pm
Re: Great Tool for Strppers!
Gisela -- 10/9/2001, 12:28 am