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First launch (belated note)
By:Val Wann
Date: 8/23/2001, 3:16 pm

Just wanted to announce (for those who didn't already know) that my first boat made her debutante launch at R2K1. Still needs sanding, rub rails, varnish, & a bit of paint, but at least she floats! The foot-operated bilge pump and compass mount also will be added later.

Particulars: CLC LT18 with large cockpit & day hatch (8" Beckson hatch & secondary bulkhead). Stainless U-bolts in bow & stern end pours for deck rigging & security cables. Handles pretty much as expected, although she turns surprisingly easy for a long boat with minimal rocker. Secondary stability is amazing. She's well behaved on rolls - nice and smooth coming up.

Thanks to everyone on this board for advice and encouragement.